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Rawatron MB Ultra Dual-Drive Adult Electric Scooter

Rawatron MB Ultra Dual-Drive Adult Electric Scooter

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Equipped with 350W*2 dual-drive motors, the maximum power exceeds 1000W, and the high-torque wheel hub can be switched at will to achieve single-drive or dual-drive.

The battery pack is 36V 20AH and consists of Panasonic high-quality lithium batteries, the same ones used by Tesla. This battery can guarantee a maximum climbing of 35 degrees, a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour, a maximum battery life of 60 kilometers, and a maximum load of 150KG. (depending on conditions and rider weight).

The design conforms to North American ergonomics. The vehicle size is 1130*500*1150(mm), and the folded size is 1130*500*480(mm). The fuselage is made of one-piece aviation aluminum alloy, which is light and durable. The weight including the battery is only 18.5kg.
The front wheels are 8.5-inch pneumatic tires and the rear wheels are 8.5-inch solid tires. Front EBS electronic brakes + rear disc brakes with bright headlights and bilateral brake taillights maximize riding comfort, safety and off-road performance.
Signal wires, brake wires and motor wires are hidden and protected. Equipped with high elastic silicone feet, 2MM thicker than ordinary ones. They have better shock absorption and slip resistance for a more comfortable ride.

(Special reminder: Drivers must abide by the requirements of local laws and regulations for driving scooters, including but not limited to maximum driving speed, wearing safety helmets, etc.)



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