Colección: Luxury Kids Ride on Cars 12v/24v

Luxury Licensed  12v 1 Seat Ride on Car with Remote Control, Leather Seats, Suspension(up-to 60 lb)

24v Luxury 2 Seat Licensed / Non Licensed (120 lb to 250lbs)High Performance Kids Ride on car with Remote, Rubber Tire, Leather Seat, Safety Belt , Music, Mp3, Suspension, Led Lighting , Bigger Battery pack. Bluetooth Stereo, Throttle and Brake Control.

Don't waste Money on 2 seat 12v models, as they lack power and get slow with more load, to deal with this issue we standardize our 2 seat model with 24v battery and rubber tire for more power and smooth ride.

Our 2 Seat Cars are equipped with 24v battery pack and Rubber wheel and High Torque Motor, So Even Big Kids can ride it with no lack of power.