Rawatron Ultra Dual-drive Adult Electric Scooter

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Motor: 350Wx 2Dual drive silent motor

Maximum Cruising Range : 60km

Maximum load : 150kg

Size: 1130x500x1150 (mm)

Wheel size: 8.5-inch pneumatic tire

Maximum Speed: 25km/h


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The battery pack is 36V-20AH Which is composed of Panasonic high-quality lithium battery as the same one Tesla used. This battery can ensure a maximum climbing 35 degree and cruising range of up to 60 kilometers with a maximum load of 150KG.
Equipped with a 350W*2 dual-drive motor, the maximum power exceeds 1000W, and the high-torque wheel hub drive can be switched at will to achieve single-drive or dual-drive.

The design fits North American ergonomics. The size of the vehicle is 1130*500*1150 (mm), and the folded size is 1130*500*480 (mm). The body is made of integrated aviation aluminum alloy which is light and durable. The weight include battery is only 18.5kg.

The front wheel is 8.5-inch pneumatic tire, and the rear wheel is 8.5-inch solid tire. The front EBS electronic brake + rear disc brake with bright headlights and bilateral brake taillights maximizes the comfort, safety and off-road performance of riding.

The signal lines, brake lines, and motor lines are hidden and protected. Equipped with high-elastic silicone foot pads, which are 2MM thicker than ordinary. They have better shock absorption and anti-skid functions, making riding more comfortable.

One-year warranty for local repair and replacement


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